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This is a stunning story of an unfiltered life, written and performed by Shelley Marshall, directed by Linda Kash. It took 10 years for Hamilton-born Marshall to create the work, the worthwhile result of resilience, recovery, and reflection while exploring many the genres of performance; clown, stand-up, improv, buffoon, and play.

For the past five years, old Mommy’s Cigarette has been a sell-out success in theatres in Toronto and surrounding cities, receiving Gold in the category of “Best Theatre Production” in 2013, “Best New Discovery” by Now Magazine, and nominated “Best Female Stand Up” in Canada by the Canadian Comedy Awards. Marshall has hosted the popular, televised Hamilton Music Awards for the past four years. In light of the national acclaim she has garnered, what makes Hold Mommy’s Cigarette such a success to Shelley personally is the attention it has contributed in raising mental health awareness. “I knew creating works of art that expressed my experience, my truth, and my understanding, were what would bring a joyful purpose to my life. I feel I not only have an opportunity, but an obligation, to convey a message that can help people heal.” Quickly blazing an uncharted trail, this comedic icon won’t be slowing down any time soon.

Marshall, who has recently settled in Bear River, Nova Scotia, invites you to come to her show with an open mind and promises you’ll leave with a full heart.

*Mature Content*