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King’s Film Society Presentation


Best Animated Feature Oscar Nominee

A man, lost at sea, washes up on an island. Upon exploration, it proves to be uninhabited except for the occasional sea lion and a delightful platoon of curious sand crabs. Over time, the man builds a raft out of bamboo and once again braves the sea. But his craft is bumped by an unseen creature in the water and shatters. He tries a second time, with the same outcome; and a third, in which he discovers that the intransigent animal is an enormous red turtle that seems not to want him to leave the island.

The film that unfolds from these simple premises is spare, elegant, and profoundly moving, an evocative examination of the cycles of life, human and animal alike.

PG | | Animation, Fantasy

“A tale of uncommon beauty, at once singular and universal—a fable that recalls both ancient creation myths and Kipling’s “just so” stories. Even as it presents itself as a metaphor for life, The Red Turtle is also a straightforward depiction of it. Its title notwithstanding, it is a film almost bursting with humanity.”
– The Atlantic



Tickets: $10 Adult, $9 with Film Buff Card, $8 Youth.

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General admission seating.

Doors open 45 minutes before showtime.