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The Horsearcher – A Lovasíjász

Special screening

In “The Valley of Horses” in Hungary, the steppe culture of horsemen is under a revival because of Master Lajos Kassai, a modern warrior and philosopher dedicated to preserving horseback archery as a cultural heritage, a martial art and a sport.
Kassai has founded a school of horseback archery and recreated the ancient traditions and culture of his people, to which he has dedicated his entire life.   In a Hungarian valley, one of the most beautiful corners of the world, Kassai recreates the bow tradition of his ancestors, evokes their martial arts and founds a school. The teachings have spread all over the world, and the forgotten past comes alive.


Director: Kaszás Géza

Cast: Kassai Lajos, Obrusánszky Borbála, Kassai Iskola növendékei

Documentary, Hungary, 115 min, 2016
English subtitles



All tickets: $12 (includes HST)