24HR Listings (902) 532-5466 - Box-Office (902) 532-7704


John Bottomley, Chair

Jane Borecky, Vice Chair

Val Stackhouse, Treasurer

Sharon Moody, Secretary

Sue Ashdown

Wayne Currie

Sheila Duggan

Lawrence Garner

Flora Hall

Andi Rierden

Holly Sanford, Town Rep.



Susan Bailey, House Manager

Amber Boysen, Projectionist/Technician

Alice Brittain, Cleaner

Brenda Dempsey, House Manager

Tracey Harnish, Bookkeeper

Scott Hubley, Box Office Manager

Alan Jeffries, Sound and Light Technician

Janet Larkman, General Manager

Carol Tonkin, Box Office Manager

Dillon Tonkin, Computer, Sound and Light Technician

Brian Wambolt, Projectionist/Sound and Light Technician


Year-round Student Staff:

Sam Cooper

Hailey Halliday

Emily Olsen

Gemma Tompkins